We have known for years Michigan’s roads are in dire need of improvement, but why we have such bad roads is one of the ongoing questions for which we never get an answer. Here in Macomb County, we actually know one of the reasons why.

I have sought answers and one is the funding formula used by the state to distribute money discriminates against Macomb County. The formula disperses money based on miles of road, which means the same mile of four lane M-53 freeway gets the same amount of funding as a two lane mile of M-53 in Lapeer County!

By some estimates I have seen, Macomb County gets $45 per person for roads while some areas of the U.P. get upwards of $450! While I can give some leeway for different populations, but 10 times as much is ridiculous.

Macomb County needs to join with Oakland and Wayne Counties. The three donor counties for the rest of Michigan must demand change to this nearly 70-year old funding formula. It is one of the primary causes for our chronically neglected roads in our area.

We have been doing the same thing over and over again with road funding and getting the same results. We need to make a change if we hope to bring our roads to where we can depend on it instead of wondering when our next tire repair bill will come.

I hope to work with the citizens of northwest Macomb County to find solutions to this and other problems we face.